How do I function.

As much as it kills me (literally cause I’m balling rn), I can feel this being the beginning of the end of SNSD. **unless they can work these things out** This is all so weird & doesn’t feel right. But IF this is the decline, I know one thing.. they will always be South Korea’s only National Girl Group. Think about it, SNSD’s popularity back in 2009-2011 was insane. They were on top & nobody could even touch them. Gee was the song of 2009. Then 소원을 말해봐. Oh!, Run Devil Run & Hoot were released in the same year. The Boys is one of the best selling albums in the female artists category in South Korea. Look at their Gaon Chart Records (x). (Most weeks at #1, Most months at #1, etc..) What kind of slayage? Like no other girl group could compare. Plus if you crown, for example, Apink as the NGG people will go into a frenzy about how other groups like 2NE1 or Girl’s Day deserve it way more (which they probably do tbh). There are way too many girl groups nowadays to be able to just say one is superior over the other. But SNSD was back in the day.. whatever happens I’m sure that they will forever be #1 in mine & so many other sone’s hearts.

오랜 세월이 흘러도 영원히 너와 꿈꾸고 싶어 ~ ♥

Track: 그대라는 한 사람

Artist: Jessica (제시카)

Album: Dating Agency: Cyrano OST

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